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We offer a variety of office supplies in our store with competitive pricing and fast turn around on special orders.  Check out our online catalog at www.biggestbook.com. Call or email us with your order. We’ll respond with a competitive quote.

COPY PAPER   - The importance of using quality copy paper

Many people make the mistake of using inexpensive copy paper to print their materials. They don't realize that this perceived up-front savings in paper expense can actually cost them plenty in the long run. Here's why...

Loading inexpensive, low-quality copy paper into your office machine can cause mis-feeds, bunching and paper jams. Lesser quality paper also contain a higher paper dust content causing fouling of internal components.  This not only holds up your printing job, it wastes ink, toner and paper, and can damage your machine.  Using low-quality copy paper will also produce low-quality output. If you want to make a great first and lasting impression-- you should carefully choose a paper grade that fits your particular project and printer specifications.


Navigator Premium Multipurpose White Copy Paper

Letter - 8.50" x 11" - 20 lb Paper Weight - 97 GE Brightness

This highly versatile premium paper is ideal for general documents, reports, and proposals, where a quality look and feel is important.

Even kids know quality when they see it!